6 groups of deltoid muscle movements, so that your shoulder is no longer narrow

If you want to dress more shapely and shape your shoulders well, then you need to exercise your deltoid muscles. This is the joint position of our shoulders and arms, which is equivalent to a pivot. When you strengthen your deltoid muscles, your shoulders will be effectively changed, which will make your shoulders stronger.

The first group of actions

This movement in practice you need dumbbells for sale to use to the shoulder push equipment, the movement is very simple. It only requires you to feel your shoulder force and stretch in the exercise. When you recover from the exercise, you should not use the force of the machine, but use the force to control it.

The second action

This action is called Arnold’s recommendation, which is a very classic shoulder exercise. In practice, you can work out the triangle toe in and middle toe in at the same time.

In the exercise, the starting action is to lift the dumbbell to the chest, then open the dumbbell outward at the beginning, then push it up, and then turn it to the chest when lowering it.

Watch your shoulders as you practice and keep them tight.

The third move

The equipment is raised horizontally on the side, which can stimulate your middle bundle during exercise. When practicing this movement, you should put the handshake behind your body and pull it up from behind, which will make you get better exercise effect. In practice, put the other hand behind you, or grasp the pull rod beside you, don’t let it move, causing other parts of the body to complete the exercise with the help of force.

The fourth action

The action name is dumbbell side lift. Don’t use too much dumbbells when you practice, which can change your posture and affect the effect of your exercise.

Use the weight you can easily control during the exercise, which will also give you a good feeling of exercise. During practice, it is important to open the shoulder, bend the elbow slightly, and the arm is not fully extended.

The fifth move

This is the dumbbell bird, mainly to exercise our triangle back beam. When we exercise the deltoid, we can’t just exercise the front, middle and back, which can make your deltoid more shape.

The sixth move

This action is called rope face pull. Many people may not adapt to the first exercise, but if you keep practicing, you will find the efficiency of this action after a long time, which can make your back bundle get good stimulation effect.

Exercise volume suggestion: 6 movements, 4 groups for each exercise, 8 ~ 12 times for each group.