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There are many overlays used in the transportation industry, from automobile dashboards and gas station pumps to control panels for mass transit trains and buses. Fitness equipment, especially when it’s used at a high-traffic gym or fitness center, sees a lot of abuse and nearly constant use. Overlays used for fitness equipment must be able to stand up to heavy use as well as harsh cleaning solutions. Overlays for fitness equipment are designed to resist moisture, scuffing and chemical corrosion. Provide long lasting identification of elastomeric buttons with precision cut graphic overlays surrounding keypads or buttons. By labeling the surface around elastomeric buttons, printed information will not see the same wear and tear as the buttons themselves. Deadfront overlays product labels are a graphic overlay that does not show symbols or graphics unless they are lit. By controlling when and what graphics are illuminated, your product can communicate to users or consumers. These dead fronts can also use diffusing films to more uniformly spread backlighting. Boyd has in-house capability to produce complex dead front overlay labels.

Custom panel overlays can also be installed using permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive or mechanical means, which can make them easier to replace if a new design is needed. Custom made for products with indicator lights, protruding switches and more. Custom membrane switches and Lexan labels are also available. According to these requirements, HuaiSong membrane switch manufacturer offers a variety of custom graphic overlays. In general, they include polycarbonate overlays, polyvinyl chloride panel overlays and polyester, and polyurethane control panels. Heavy machinery applications require robust and durable overlays capable of withstanding harsh environments. Depending on an application’s unique requirements, there are several overlay options suitable for heavy machinery applications. Metal overlays provide the durability needed for harsh manufacturing environments. Metalphoto® overlays are an excellent choice for heavy machinery applications, offering superior graphic clarity and resistance to abrasion, chemicals, UV exposure, extreme temperatures, and corrosion.

Base your Twitch overlays on the graphics and designs of the rest of your channel. Use the same colors and styles to keep everything similar and on point. We created four different styles that we believe complement several different streaming genres. Each Twitch overlay can be easily installed on Streamlabs OBS and OBS and we have guides to help you with the whole setup process . Fiverris an online marketplace for designers and other freelancers. Each brings their own unique style and experience to their shop and will charge what they believe their work is worth. Most shops are very affordable, giving Twitch streamers the chance to commission a custom Twitch overlay for their own channel. OWN3D has several free options although you can expect to pay $10 for entry-level animated overlays or $30 for a full package. Whether you are looking for full stream packages or free downloads, the following services will have you covered.

We have always chosen Honsen as our preferred printing company. As a long-term client, Honsen upholds high printing standards. They would always provide comprehensive solutions for our print jobs and patiently guide my team throughout the overall process. I appreciate and admire Honsen’s dedication and passion in what they do. Over the years, besides helping me save on inessential expenses, Honsen has truly partners my company to ensure the success of my products as well as my projects. There are many challenges when it comes to printing for the F&B industry. There are many label printing requirements to meet especially for chilled products. We have approached many printing companies but Honsen stands out amongst all, particularly for their overall expertise and experience.

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Honsen is our long time supplier who is consistent in supplying us with products and services that meet our expectations. There is ease of communication as Honsen is always contactable and they take the initiative to effectively communicate with us on our stock and purchase orders. Honsen has been able to meet our labelling needs over the last 16 years with PTC. Their response our customer’s changing labelling needs is truly remarkable. Their expertise in printing solutions gives me the confidence to be able to respond and commit to my customers’ needs and thus resulted in more business deals for me. Jasmine is one of the most committed and passionate staff I have worked with. She provides valuable suggestions during out brainstorming sessions. We trust Honsen’s expertise and experience and are assured in Honsen’s quality.

We print custom graphic overlays and labels on hard-coated PET, polycarbonate, and other specialty materials. Our experienced graphic design and printing team can prototype your custom graphic overlay samples in 48 hours. We offer digital and screen printed graphics depending on what your design calls for. Often the first thing that a user sees when interacting with a product, graphic overlays can set the first impression of your product. Boyd creates state-of-the-art, ready-to-use control panels with a wide variety of graphic overlay options to match any specification. With the right material, presenting an endless charming look is possible.

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There are a variety of benefits to working with a team of professional graphic overlay manufacturers. No matter your reason for needing a graphic overlay, Express Image can provide the high-quality prints you require. Our team of experienced graphic overlay engineers can assist you with getting the best prints possible. If you have a product or device that requires additional information, such as a price or instructions, a graphic overlay can provide that necessary information in an aesthetically pleasing way. Graphic overlays are ideal additions for appliances and various devices that require minor guidance. A thorough graphic overlay can clearly label buttons, as well as distinguish various levers and controls.

With more than 45 years of experience, we have millions of overlays performing “in the field” as proof of our dedication to excellence. We know this, and offer multiple custom die-cutting capabilities based on tolerance needs. The OEM’s critical size tolerances dictate how we cut the die. The adhesive you select will depend not only on the end-use environment (humid or dry, hot or cold, etc.), but also on the surface material and texture of your equipment. You can click buttons in the options to take a screenshot, record video, and broadcast your game live to Twitch using the overlay in NVIDIA Share. Polyester – thin, flexible material that typically is coupled with an overlaminate for robust resistance to chemicals and harsh elements. We are here to help you with all your custom user interface needs. They act as intermediary between the user and machine by depicting functions, with no conductive traces or circuitry. Epec is your best choice when QS-9000 and/or ISO 9001 certification is required, as well.

A graphic overlay allows you to add depth and excitement to an otherwise plain surface. It’s required that the screen printed membrane layer has a certain weakening performance. Graphic overlay manufacturers can judge it by the percentage of elongation. In general, if the elongation is large, the amount of elastic deformation is also large, and the elastic energy is poor. The membrane surface for manufacturing the graphic overlay can be flat or embossed, matte or glossy. No matter what it is, there are no surface defects such as mechanical damage, scratches, inclusions, and stains. Contact HuaiSong Industrial to get printed graphic overlay with free design, free quote, or even free sample. A wide variety of pressure-sensitive adhesives are available to bond the membrane switch to a substrate.